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Complex Flows Solution

Many variables, solutions that simplify.

Continuous collaboration with medical and administrative staff.

The organizational contexts of healthcare facilities are always complex and characterized by multiple variables It is only through close collaboration with the organizational team, with physicians and with administrative staff, that Artexe can perfectly gauge Mr You solutions to the contexts in which they will be used.
This makes it possible to optimize management of user flows at the check-in desks, improve comfort by offering internal communication instruments, respect people’s privacy and increase the positive perception of services in a better organized environment. In addition to all of the above, it increases the productivity of medical and administrative staff.

All the flexibility needed to manage more visits at different places and times.

A reliable guide for the entire patient journey.

Mr You solutions are extremely flexible to enable management of complex patient journeys involving various visits on the same day, meetings with physicians, nurses and administrative staff in a number of places and at different times all along the process.
The predefined journey along the touchpoints can be modified using dedicated application functions to manage possible re-scheduling during the day.