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The Mr You solutions

Efficiency of procedures, maximum adaptability.

Optimal reception in every ward

Artexe vertical solutions offer the best tools to effectively manage patient reception in every department: Emergency Services, Front Office, Specimen Collecting Centres, Outpatient Clinics…
Procedures have been designed to meet the specific requirements of each service, all the solutions are scalable and can be integrated to streamline the entire reception process, the overall analysis of patient flow, interaction with the public and organization of the facility

Blood Test Centre Solutions

More priority logics and services via smartphone.

Mr You solutions for Blood Test Centres use different priority logics and make it possible to differentiate every service. After check-in, patients can go to the specimen collection room while the monitors display clear information on calls. The process can be made even more fluid and functional according to the needs of each facility, with users’ handling of check-in procedures via smartphone and web.

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Desk Area Solutions

Automated system and information monitors.

Artexe's digital control system for desk reception allows users to wait for the operator’s call by checking the dedicated monitors. An acoustic signal attracts the patients’ attention and a pop-up indicates the patient’s number and the desk they should go to.

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Outpatient Clinic Solution

Maximum information to staff.

To improve the reception process in clinics, our solution informs healthcare staff when a patient checks in and enters the patient in a waiting list. The operator may update the time of the visit and send the information to the monitors where all the calls are displayed.

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Radiology Solution

Maximum integrability with main RIS.

Artexe’s solution for the management of the reception process in radiology features integration with the main RIS (Radiology Information Systems) on the market and allows operators to use a single interface.

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Emergency Services Solution

More order and information in the Emergency Room.

Artexe's solution for Emergency Services is considered a market standard because it makes it possible, at the same time, to:
  • rigorously respect people’s privacy;
  • create order in the process;
  • improve communication with patients and accompanying persons.

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Complex Flows Solution

Complex flows, solutions that simplify.

The organizational contexts of healthcare facilities are always complex and characterized by multiple variable. It is only through close collaboration with the organizational team, with physicians and with administrative staff, that Artexe can perfectly gauge its Mr You solutions to the contexts in which they will be used.

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