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The Patient Journey at the very centre

With patients at the centre, everything works better.

Improving the working and care environment.

We strongly believe that it is from patients and from the people using health facilities that we can obtain fundamental information on the efficiency of every service. This is because patients are people who build relationships with physicians, paramedics, clerical staff.
Everyone needs a better environment to give their best or to be treated in the most effective way. When listening to patients and staff, Artexe focuses its attention on the matters that truly improve process management, to deliver more satisfactory results: improving service quality, reducing time and cutting waste.

Digital solutions that help patients and accompanying persons.

Constanctly active contact channels.

Artexe software is designed to constantly improve the overall management of the Interaction with patients, not only during visits or treatments but also
  • before (e.g. preparing patients for tests or admission to hospital);
  • during (informing and guiding relatives around the facilities);
  • and after them (sending instructions on how to collect test results, helping with recovery, increasing awareness of individuals also in terms of prevention).