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Mr You Touchpoint

Efficient contact points with the most advanced technology.

Digital kiosks, apps and services for the patient journey.

Our digital kiosks “Kiosk24/7”, digital signage systems, Zerocoda applications supplied by Mr You make Patient Journey management more efficient in every respect and in accordance with each patient's familiarity with the use of a PC and of mobile devices. From advanced digital kiosks for printing out or downloading test results on a USB stick to digital maps for directions around the facilities, from the possibility of managing bookings and appointments via smartphone to real-time waiting time notifications.

Patient journey for over 17 million people.

In over 600 facilities all over Italy.

Waiting time is substantially shorter, breaks are enriched with useful information for patients and accompanying persons, queues are reduced to a minimum while Mr You systems provide important information on treatment progress and on administrative aspects.
This not only increases perceived quality of the overall healthcare service, but the data obtained from use of the systems become fundamental when proposing further improvements in the entire organization.

More time for people and healthcare staff.

Maximum efficiency 24 hours a day.

If patients can freely access the digital touchpoints of healthcare facilities at any time, it not only frees up important resources but also gives people the possibility of better managing their time in full autonomy. Kiosks24/7 are operational 24 hours a day and they enable advanced functions in addition to the simple payment of services. To manage the Patient Journey more efficiently, Mr You also offers applications such as Zerocoda, which avoids time wasting, tidies up procedures and reduces the administrative tasks of medical and para-medical staff to the minimum.