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Emergency Services Solution

More order and information in the Emergency Room.

Artexe's solution for Emergency Services is considered a market standard because it makes it possible, at the same time, to:

Rigorously respect people’s privacy

Create order in the process

Improve communication with patients and accompanying persons

Support healthcare staff in terms of organization

Patients and accompanying persons are assisted, informed and called via a standard computer terminal. The module can offer information on each patient’s treatment progress and on Emergency Room crowding.

Codes, priority and information.

Transparency, clarity and respect for privacy.

Triage staff hand to the patients and accompanying persons a document that contains an identification number and a colour code that indicates the level of priority (white, green, yellow, red). Recognition data are immediately visible on information screens and our systems places patients in order according to colour code and arrival time. The monitors show each patient’s treatment progress and the management can access all the information immediately, without the need for manual intervention. When a patient is called by the physician, the monitor will show the call together with the assigned room. While the screens show the overall ER crowding situation and the number of visits in progress, other general information can be provided in the waiting room. This way Mr You tracks the steps of the various treatments, keeps accompanying persons informed about the real situation at any time, contributes to increase the level of transparency and information while respecting the privacy of every person.