Features | Mr You


Experience, quick installation and implementation

Collaboration with experts for analysis and development.

The wealth of knowledge about healthcare organizations amassed by Artexe is constantly updated through daily application on hundreds of cases in Italy and Europe. Our experts’ in-depth analysis and collaboration with the top management are central to the design of versatile systems that suit the different facilities and that are open to future developments.
Thanks to the system’s ease of use and its customization to the specific needs of each organization, the service can be set up in just a few days and further evolutions can be developed quickly.

Modular, scalable

and easy to use

We tailor our software to the specifications of each facility.

The modular structure of the Mr You system makes it possible, in each stage, to choose the software that best suits your organization. Every application can be combined to form a unique, complete structure that is perfectly integrated and scalable. The software enables management of every healthcare facility and care journey.

Open architecture, complete business intelligence

Business intelligence and integration with existing systems.

Open architecture enables integration with all the systems normally used by the single facilities (medical records, booking services, healthcare management software, etc.) and ensures complete business intelligence through web terminals on data warehouse, reporting, charts and multi-dimensional dashboards. All data are displayed clearly and each dashboard can be adapted to the requests made by the management.