Improving reception in healthcare facilities, services, actual and perceived quality.

Mr You is the system that makes it possible to optimally organize every aspect of the interactions with patients, their access to facilities, their movements and contacts also via smartphone and PC. The Mr You team provides state-of-the art design, hardware, software and service maintenance. Healthcare facilities finally have all the data they need to reorganize resources, rationalize flows, cut costs, improve services to increase the perceived value of their services.

Patients at the centre
more efficient healthcare facilities

Process management through big data analysis

The great expertise of the Mr You team in studying the patient journey and quickly improving results.

Our thorough knowledge of regulations and organizational systems has made Mr You the leading platform in Italy in healthcare flow management software. Mr You is a complete tool that does not exclude existing software but is integrated in it to improve internal coordination and communication with users.

Mr You is scalable and can manage one or more facilities in a network, also on cloud architecture.

How does Mr You work and how does it improve the management of healthcare organizations.

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Digital kiosks, PC, smartphone:
free access to patients

Mr You Touchpoint to keep

in touch with people

Every patient is different, every one of them can find a best-fitting solution to book, cancel, pay and collect medical reports.

The Kiosk24/7 of the Mr You system offer a number of advantages for access to every healthcare facility: check-in and payment, bookings and cancellations, collection of test results, also on USB stick, can all be completed rapidly. To make the interaction with hospitals and the patient journey even smoother, patients can connect via smartphone or PC. This establishes an important communication channel that can also be used for verifications, notices and surveys.