Time saving and quick commissioning

User-friendly with lots of services to choose from.

Our system of Digital Kiosks operating around the clock, allows patients to autonomously manage many of the activities normally carried out by clerks. The system guarantees maximum safety, it can be integrated with pre-existing systems and archives, it can be installed and commissioned easily and quickly. The intuitive, user-friendly interface delivers a positive user experience tested in over 600 facilities and enables quicker access to healthcare services. This can reduce queues at desks by up to 80%, increasing productivity and cutting costs substantially.

Customization of Kiosk24/7

All our Digital Kiosks can be equipped with a variety of services with specific characteristics:
No queue: reserves a place in the queue for access to desks.
Check-in and bookings: enables users to autonomously carry out administrative procedures.
Payments: by debit card, credit card and prepaid card, including via contactless and smartphone systems.
Collection of medical reports printed on thermal paper size A4 or in digital form on USB sticks.
Indoor navigation: easy-to-use, intuitive wayfinding system for directing people around healthcare facilities.
Infopoint: information system with videocall answer.
Quick Call-Me-Back: booking system that enables users to request an appointment and to be called back by the call centre for confirmation.

Kiosk24/7 accreditations, payments, checks.

A point of reference in e-health.

Our Kiosk24/7 improves management of patient accreditation, simplifies transfer, allows patients to make the most of waiting time before visits, enables healthcare facilities to become a positive point of reference in e-health and in the provision of multi-channel services for interaction with patients. Our digital kiosks can be used to make bookings and payments, to reduce time wasting and queueing up time in offices.

Automatic checking of payments and accreditations.

The system checks payments, gives citizens information on the visits and interventions requested; at the same time, physicians receive prompt information on patient accreditation. Nurses only need to collect the clinical documentation because administrative checks are carried out digitally.
While they are waiting, patients do not need to stay near the laboratory as they are able to follow the progress of activities on the information monitors. Users can also choose to access the service via their smartphone in order to receive information in real time.

The self-service system of Kiosk24/7.

The system recognizes patients bearing a Healthcare Card or other identity document. It combines the person’s administrative files and enables check-in procedures and other key services such as payments or collection of medical reports. Once again, the saving of time spent in offices is considerable.

Retrieval of test results from kiosks.

Quick collection of test lab results.

Artexe’s Kiosk24/7 enables collection of all test results and medical reports both on paper or PDF file on a USB stick. The interface guides users in the easiest way:
  • identification of healthcare card;
  • verification of code (a barcode in the prescription sheet);
  • option between printout or digital PDF. The kiosks operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each operation is completed in seconds.

  • Advantages for hospital staff

    A great help for physicians and paramedics.

    The Kiosk24/7 service is designed as part of an increasing range of services that improve the patients’ experience and the advantages for the administration as well as drastically improving the workload of offices. Medical staff also benefit from reduced administrative tasks because the system directly takes care of accreditation and queue management.