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Prizes, collaborations, figures

Our awards

Our idea is to redesign and constantly improve the patients’ experience through their healthcare journey.

The care we use in analyzing data and creating software that can dynamically meet a number of needs has made us leaders in the sector.

Our digital technologies are now concretely helping all kinds of facilities to establish positive and increasingly useful relationships with citizens. This aspect has often been recognized by the juries of several important awards.

  • 2018

    Candiolo Medical Research Hospital (Turin)

    In 2018, Artexe once again won the Digital Innovation in healthcare award with the project for management of day hospital procedures, designed in collaboration with Candiolo Medical Research Hospital. The award has encouraged us to make further steps in the development of digital solutions and innovative applications for healthcare reception.

    Candiolo Medical Research Hospital (Turin)

    Our Customer Flow Management system improves the experience of patients at the Oncology Day Hospital because it clearly indicates which, how many and where the stages of treatment will take place. Healthcare staff are constantly kept up to date about the patients present in the waiting room and about their journey, via PC and tablet. Staff can call a patient who is not involved in other activities via a display, return the patient to the waiting room after the activity or inform accompanying persons. The system handles an average of 100 patients per day, increasing the number of patients handled daily (+10%) while also improving the efficiency of every associated process and enabling immediate sharing of clinical information via the systems already in use in other departments.
  • 2016

    “Valdés” test laboratory - Cagliari

    The project designed for Valdès test laboratory won the Digital Innovation in healthcare award of the Milan Polytechnic University in the “Interaction with citizens” category. The project enables management of reception and booking of home visits via Artexe’s Zerocoda® system integrated into the laboratory’s website.
  • 2015

    Careggi Hospital - Florence

    Our “#prelievoamico” application for Careggi Hospital in Florence won the FIASO award, because it enables patients to independently manage bookings via PC, smartphone and kiosk according to time slots that eliminate waiting. We have worked as technological partners of Telecom Italia to design and build the system that enables online booking of access time through the hospital's website, the mobile application (Smart Hospital) or the kiosks in the waiting room entrance. In just a few months, the number of people who had booked through Prelievo Amico was more than 5000.

    Desio and Vimercate Hospital

    The digitization of the booking and payment system with Self-service desks of the Desio and Vimercate Hospital earned them a second place in the Digital Innovation Award with the “24h self-service kiosk” project. The two self-service areas make it possible to book tests, print medical records and pay with debit or credit cards. The results are more than encouraging: in a few months over 500 medical records have been distributed every day, 15000 payments and 7500 bookings have been made, 8000 hours of queuing up time have been saved and desk work has been reduced by over 10%.
  • 2013

    Local Health Unit 5 Arzignano (West Vicenza)

    The “Emergency Services Reorganization” project received a special mention for the ICT Innovation in Healthcare Award in the category “Digital services for citizens”. The prize was awarded during the meeting for presentation of the 2013 research of the ICT in Healthcare Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic School of Management.
  • 2011

    2011 - Sant’Anna Hospital - Como

    The outpatient clinic reception project of Sant’Anna Hospital in Como won the “Digital Innovation in Healthcare Award” for introducing a centralized patient check-in and queuing system which improves the patients’ waiting time.